“The treasure at the end of the rainbow” – our partener, St. John’s College, UK
     As part of the project called “The British way”, we visited St. John’s College from Portsmouth/Southsea for the second time. It is a college where we enjoyed to live interesting educational experiences, where science, professionalism and commitment join hands in order to create an exceptional educational environment – the ideal place where they grow the future managers of the world.

    Our children had the chance of being coordinated in their activities by teachers that seem to come from a film of the educational ideal. The students from Paradis School regained their friends from St. John’s College and worked together as a team when they accomplished some joint projects like Eurovision contest or The friendship flag.
Besides the activities organized in the school, the Romanian children followed the steps of some important historical personalities like king Henry VIIIth, Admiral Nelson or Queen Elizabeth  IInd, thus shaping their general knowledge and experiencing true lessons of life (independence, adaptability, finding solutions, making decisions). We are looking forward to welcoming the staff and students from SJC in our school and country and to making interesting projects together.
    Paradis team thanks the partners from St. John’s College for their open mind and willingness to embrace the idea of this partnership and also for the beautiful way in which they organized all our activities during our stay. They made us feel home when far from home and we appreciate this.

The manager’s message

                Paradise School  is an educational institution that is authorized by the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport (M.E.C.T.S), that respects the curriculum developed for the primary schools and classes. Paradise School is an alternative to the state school system and the religious private school system, having an open and flexible approach that is specific to the competitive people. Furthermore,  Paradise offer comes to meet the requirements of the present society, by trying to find a balance between the National educational curriculum and the British teaching methods and principles.

We intend to develop the child’s personality reporting the educational projects to the educational ideal promoted by the modern society – independence, common sense, communication skills in English, ability to adapt to new life situations.

The traditional school tends to focus mainly on two types of intelligence of the 7 described by  Howard Gardner in his theory of multiple intelligences: Linguistic intelligence and logical-mathematical intelligence. Paradise School aims to also develop, besides the two mentioned above, the Spatial intelligence, Kinetic intelligence, Musical intelligence, Intrapersonal intelligence and Interpersonal intelligence, developing the child’s personality harmoniously.

The parents are consulted when choosing the extra-curricular activities and the clubs, which aim to identify the talents and passions, so that the children can have a polyvalent development, using all the types of intelligence.

Oana Mihaela Albu, Director Scoala si Gradinita Paradis

Download  the Presentation brochure –  “Paradis”School and Kindergarten (pdf format)


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